Callie’s Memoir

Callie Standen

Mr. Jockers

Period 8 ILA




Morgan came over while my family was having a party. Earlier that day my mom went out and bought an extensive amount of food and drinks, along with multiple packages of glow sticks and sparklers. When Morgan showed up we just sat outside. By the flaming fire. Not doing anything. We were very bored so we went inside to look for something to do. When we went inside, we saw my mom and sister taking out the sparklers: the ones that are only 2 dollars at target when the season rolls around. We asked if we could have the long sparklers that are different colors so that it would light up what was around us. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a lighter off of the top of the cabinets next to the plates. My mom and sister were gone by now and so Morgan and I with the sparklers in our hands, went out onto to the deck.

My back deck isn’t painted very well so the wood spikes up and if you step the wrong way you could easily get a splinter. So my family got a huge rug so we wouldn’t get any splinters. The  rug was straw, brown and black, and only covered only a little bit of the deck.

We sat down and laid out the sparklers into groups according to their color. We thought it was a excellent idea to light 5 at once. At the end of the sparklers light they were getting very close to our fingers so we had to put them down somewhere.

¨Where should I put the sparklers when there all done?¨ Morgan asked quickly, while the hot sparkler was still in her hand.

¨I don´t know¨

¨I´m just going to put them next to me and throw them out when we don’t have any left.¨

A few minutes gone by with Mogan just lighting them and letting them burn out.

“Do you have anymore?” I said.

“No, where should I throw them out?”

I looked over my shoulder and saw a white trash can just inside the doorway.

“We could just put them in there,” I said while pointing over to the trash can.

“Um, Callie,” Morgan spoke with worry in her voice.


“My sparklers are stuck to the rug!”

“What! Try and pull harder then, just try again.” I said reaching for the ones I put next to me just a few seconds ago.

“So are mine! What are we going to DO?”

It went silent for about a minute or so, trying to think about what we should do to get them off the rug. The sound of the burning wood left a cracking noise whooshing through the air. Abruptly, I heard something ripping but I didn’t know what it was. I turned my head. Wondering if I would want to see what just happened. Morgan looked right at me while she was holding the sparklers in her hand with little  pieces of the rug stuck to them.

“What about yours?”

With no hesitation. I gripped the end of the sparklers. Hearing the same ripping noise again, pulling them off the rug.

“Great!” I said, with a Immense amount of sarcasm in my voice.

We didn’t want to make it noticeable so we tried to clean up all the little scraps of burnt rug and throw them out like what we did with the sparklers. The hole that the sparkler was in the corner and had a coal black tint to it. When someone would touch it or a gust of wind would go by little pieces of burnt carpet would come off.


The next morning we were awoken by a light knock on my door. My mom standing in the doorway. Her arms holding the door by her side. Sun light from the window illuminating the whole room. Pillows in the corner in a pile. Covered in a blanket. It was very breezy, since the window was open.

“Do you guys have any idea why there’s hole in the rug on the deck?” she said while crossing her arms, still in the doorway.

Morgan and I look at each other deciding if we should lie and say we have no idea what she is talking about, or we should just admit to it and get in trouble for it.  I think we both knew that if we lie she would find out eventually. We turn to my mom at the same time and both say “It was an accident.”  She uncrosses her arms and doesn’t look mad at all now.

“It’s okay, just don’t put hot things on that rug again please.” She shrugged and turned and walked away.

My mom didn’t seem to think it was that big of a deal. She didn’t  have any emotions. Not a frown or a smile. It was like she knew it was us the whole time.

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