John Loo’s Memoir: Biking



I hear the oncoming car. There was no way for me to communicate with the car to stop since it was on the other side of the sharp turn. The engine was roaring. My heart was pounding. While biking up the hill, my muscles were burning. I swerve to the side, almost hitting the guardrail, so I can dodge the car. I hear it coming closer. Heading towards me.


I open the bedroom door and stroll down the staircase into the kitchen. Outside the window, the sun is glistening with a baby blue sky. The birds are chirping are chirping in our maple tree with delight. Downstairs, my mom is reading the newspaper.


“Hi mom, I’m going to the fields to play soccer soon.” I said.


“Okay, shall I bring you?” She replied.


“No. I want to ride my bike there.” I proudly replied.


I use my dad’s mountain bike, it is blue and black in color with a lefty suspension. This would be my first time biking to the fields.


“Ok I will let you go by yourself, you are old enough.” My mom said.


I open the garage and stroll the bike outside into the driveway. The chain rotates around the gear with little torque now but much more later. I check the wheels and I notice that they are flat. The pump is sitting in the corner of the garage near the door. I walk inside to go get the special needle from the closet. I pump it up, so it is enough air to ride. I walk back inside to pack my blue, black and white striped Adidas soccer backpack with my two soccer balls, my Nike soccer cleats and I put a bottle of water in the side pocket. I say my final goodbye to my mom and head out for the Morehouse soccer fields.


I pedal out of my driveway and go down the road, since it is a big hill. The birds are chirping and there is a small breeze, enough to shake the branches on the trees. The only thing on my mind is getting there to play soccer. I know the directions to get there, since I’ve been to the fields many times. My feet rattle on the pedals as I go over pebbles. Some cars pass me on the way, so I slow down and go towards the side. The ride is a little bumpy because there are some pebbles after they paved the road. The wind sounds like a whistle past my ear, as I speed down the hill. Now I reach the 4-way intersection and take a right, but first I wait for any cars. I pedal as fast as I can because I know that there is a big hill that I have to pedal up soon. With earbuds in my ear, I am listening to music. I feel a lot of trust on this bike ride, since it was my first time riding it to the fields. I do not want to crash or somehow not be able to get there so my parents trust me to go again.


I go up the big hill. I am one quarter up there. I pedal as much as I can, trying not to stop my momentum. I am sweating bullets and the sun is beating on my back. A few seconds later and I hear the car way up ahead of me, wishing I was already up the hill. The turn is sharp and narrow and I don’t want to get hit. The engine was roaring. My muscles are now burning from all the pedaling. I am almost skimming the guardrail, avoid the car. I hear it coming closer. I suddenly decide to get off the bike and squeeze to the side. The car passes by and is cutting it close. The driver was going way too fast for such a sharp turn. From then on, I walk up the hill, bike rolling by my side. I get to the top and ride for a few minutes and I reach the destination. The sky is bright blue, not a single cloud in the sky. The net on the goals are rattling as there is a brief gust of wind. There is not a single soul at the fields, which I am happy about, so me and my friends can pick where we want to play and so we have the whole field. I sit on the bench, lacing up my cleats and start unpacking my soccer balls. I admire the scenery until one of my friends arrive.

We stretch before we start to play and run around for a bit. Then one of our goalie friends arrive and we shoot some free kicks. It is a great day so far but going down the big hill going back to my house will make it even better. It is time to go after a good shootaround session. I say goodbye to my friends and head off back home.


I pedal hard down the straightaway and I reach the big hill. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I don’t hear any cars so I let go of the brakes. I feel free going down the hill, it is another feeling. The wind is so strong, almost pulling me back. I am going very fast, easily making it over the next smaller hill. For the next 15 minutes I ride back home.
I turn left onto my street, almost home. I’m happy I’ve made it back. Nothing bad happened and I think it is great biking to the fields. There is beautiful scenery and fun hills to ride down. Bike rides are great for clearing your mind. You block out every problem and just focus on the ride. Next time around, I will ride my bike to the fields again too.

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