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The Incredible Tales of Bran the Book Thief


My brother was gone at hockey and wouldn’t be back for a few hours. His Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do It Yourself Book was left out in the open… I tiptoed into the room, although I don’t know why, the sound of walking upstairs isn’t out of the ordinary.

If I take the book, I need to put it back right where it was. I thought to myself. It was right after the orange book, right at the end. The brown book, the one I was borrowing, wouldn’t have anything too private, I would know, I have one of my own. It was mostly weird games and a few personal tests (but it’s fun to break the rules).

Thoughts raced through my head.

What if he comes home early? What if I’m mistaken and he never left? What if he set up his phone and I was being filmed? What if he found out despite being hundreds of miles away, like when I opened a puzzle box he had to see what was in it, there was money, then I closed it, and he somehow knew and started questioning me about it and saying he was going to go through my stuff too? What if I rip the book by accident? What if my cat walks in, and I think that it’s just a normal cat, but it was actually my brother shape-shifting into a cat to watch me? After closing my bedroom door to keep my brother-cat from watching me and then imagining it with X-Ray vision, I reentered the room, and reached my hand up for the book. I could hear dishes clanking downstairs, the floorboard creaking under my feet, my brothers fan that he constantly had on, even in Winter, was blowing cool air onto his bed, making the sheets ripple, and dust flew into the air off of the shelf as I breathed out. I hooked my pointer finger on the spine of the book and wiggled it free of its station on my brother’s shelf. I sprinted around the corner and into my room, avoiding the pressure-sensitive alarm pads my mind convinced me the had placed under his carpeted floor. I twisted the knob on my door and flung myself my bedroom, finally safe from the cameras there was a chance he had scanning the hallway. I eyed the book cautiously, thinking of all of the possible ways the could have rigged it to warn him when I opened it, mayb a string on the inside to pull a mechanical device it alert his phone, maybe there was a light sensitive scanner that went off when I opened the book, or even a small hair that would break when opened so the would know later, but I ignored these thoughts and opened the book. It was boring. I put it back.


I guess the lesson is that greed, stealing, and rule-breaking gain you nothing.


The end.

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