Jackson C.: Memoir

Jackson Cremin
Mr Jockers
ILA/Per 8

White Monster

I looked up to see the rope tighten, and without warning I was on the ground with snow down my back. The tingling feeling of the snow melting, knowing that there was nothing to do but wait for it to melt. In the distance I saw a cloud of snow shoot up and I started to laugh. I was laughing in that way where i’m in a lot of pain but i know i deserved it, and it was funny if you were not the person getting ripped of yourself.

It was a cold night with snow flurries falling ever so slightly, with not a single sound to be heard through the bare trees except the wild whistling wind. I got out of my car and gave my dad a hug. I grabbed my bag from the back of the car and started to walk down the slippery driveway. Almost into the garage Joe came out with a welcoming hello in a weird ton almost as if him tongue was frozen. We both walked into the kitchen to see his family eating.

Now I feel like a dog for walking into a family dinner. I was welcomed with hellos and how are you and one more thing, a nice tackle by Joe’s two step brothers. They were definitely eating sugar before. As soon as they finished eating we were directed into the car with all of our luggage packed to the top. I was happy because there was an open seat in between me and Joe and for the slightest time i thought that it wasn’t going to be that bad, then came the car seat. The big pointy car seat with a child that came with it. I kept looking at the bright side that i was about to go snowmobiling for the first time in my life, but that didn’t work for long. I not a bad person that can’t control my temper but you try being laid on and smacked for three hours then tell me about the bright side.

Eventually we arrived with nothing to see besides the headlight pointing at trees. We got out with a cold gust of wind like god was ripping me with a frozen belt. Me, Joe, and his father unpacked the car and went inside. It wasn’t very warm in there because they go up every weekend and why pay for heat when no one is there. I remember hearing Joe’s step brothers wanting to go back into the car where it was warm, but could you blame them. I went into the mud room with coat racks and boot warmers and a bench to sit on. I started to put on my snow pants first. I then put on my boots I did a double note cause the worst thing it to have snow down you foot. I then put on my new jacket family bought me and zipped it up. I walked outside to see Joe shoveling, and wasn’t getting much progress because the driveway was frozen over five times. I put my gloves on. I picked up an old cold shovel and started to help. Not getting very far Joe’s dad give up the benefit of the doubt and let us go get the snowmobiles out of the trailer. I remember thinking everything was going to be alright, but boy I don’t think I’ve ever been further off. I can still see Joe’s facial expression of when he turned around with the key broken in half, and the other half logged into the lock. When you looked at it the first thing you saw is the big bold letters say unbreakable. I’m think to myself great and unbreakable lock on the trailer where the snowmobiles are on, and thinking on what else could go wrong i put out that we wouldn’t be able to share them and they were going to be blocked. I start taking back what i said when Joe’s father walked out side with a heavy duty saw. I got my hopes up so much that when it took us ten minutes and we didn’t even make a dent into the i slowly fell. Eventually we got the lock open and of course could be quick an off that there was an ATV sitting in the way. In order to get the snowmobiles out we had to move everything out of the way. We pushed it out of the way and went to the snowmobiles. There were two big machines looking like they were ready for battle. Joe went to the red on first and started it. The engine sounded like a god with such power and ingenuity. Then he when to the white one which wouldn’t start. It was dark and we were tired so we decided to ride the red one and that we would fix the white one tomorrow morning.

Before I Evan knew it we were on the trail. The snow had just falling landing onto of each other like a blanket that just came out of the drier before it packed down and folded. When first going in the powder you have to go fast so it doesn’t get stuck then after going over the trailers a couple of time you then can speed up or take it down. I was my first time ever riding a snowmobile and it felt like you were floating. After about ten minutes of heart racing speeds, he asked me if I wanted a to drive. I said yes quickly but didn’t really think about it. I was behind a thousand’s of dollar racing machine. I sat down and looked back at Joe to see that he wasn’t evan on the back. I asked why and he replied
¨i don’t like being on the back, I don’t feel comfortable.¨
Great I thought to myself knowing that my first time driving I was going to be all alone in the dark. I clenched the handle bar and slowly moved my finger up towards the throttle. I started to move and get the hang of it. I started to drive over to the straight away which was a long strip of grass. Knowing a 14 year old boy that doesn’t have his father around to help him make decisions i floored it. Shooting away i when as fast as I’ve ever been driving. The speedometer read 45 miles per hour. I keep my eyes in front of me to see when the turn off was. Spinning around i when back and parked.

I was late and we both were tired so we went inside to go to bed. I was hopping of sleeping to at least 9 when suddenly awaken by a baby crying in the room next to me. I thought that it wasn’t that bad that i was up early. Early bird gets the worm i thought, plus we were leaving tomorrow morning and i could sleep in the car ride home. So i got out of my bed and met Joe in the kitchen for breakfast. I wasn’t a king’s meal but it was food, cereal in a cup and a glass of orange juice. It was filling and would get me all the way until lunch which didn’t seem to be going to be a king’s meal either. We walked into the the mud room to put our snow stuff on, not all of it but just enough to keep us warm when we were shoveling the driveway. It was too early to drive the snowmobile, without waking the neighbors.

It was about eight o’clock and we were ready to start up the snowmobiles and we looked at each other and nodded. Yes started the engine at the same time and slowly pushed on the throttle. Driving like there was no tomorrow. Spitting up snow from the tracks. Looking behind me it looked like a big white monster. Going thru the trails behind Joe and looking at the trees and how pretty everything was i never wanted to leave. The clock showed 1 but i felt like we just got out. We both were getting a little hunger and all of our stuff was wet so we decided to go inside throw our stuff in the dryer and eat lunch
We marched inside trying to get all the snow off our boots and shaking the rest off our coats. After spending almost half an hour getting everything off and into the dryer we sat down for lunch. We had roast beef sandwiches and a glass of water. After relaxing and watching some TV the dryer alarm went off and we raced into the mud room to throw everything on.

Stepping outside to the cold wind we noticed that it had been snowing a little and there might be some fresh snow to go over. We both jumped onto the snowmobiles and tightened the helmet and off we were. After driving for a total of almost 6 hours we said y don’t we pool each other on a sled behind the snowmobiles. We both thought about it for a while then we both had the same expression. After getting rope and the sled i offered to go first, i really started to regret it as soon as i did because he started to drive fast. After twist and turns it was his turn. I wanted to get back at home so I fooled it and ripped the sled right from under him. He said he wanted to drive again so i got on and I looked up to see the rope tighten, and without warning I was on the ground with snow down my back. The tingling feeling of the snow melting, knowing that there was nothing to do but wait for it to melt. In the distance I saw a cloud of snow shoot up and I started to laugh. I was laughing in that way where i’m in a lot of pain but i know i deserved it, and it was funny if you warn’t the person getting ripped of yourself.

The day was coming to an end and not seeming like it was that much work our arms and neck were sour from driving all day. I jumped off and regretted it after, my legs almost gave out like when you have been sleeping all day and you stand up. My foot fell asleep and i felt like i had hypothermia. Luckily i didn’t.

We walked back into the mudroom that we had been before and started to get undressed. Looking into the kitchen i saw a nice plate of chicken Parmesan waiting for me. The day was great and i thought back to the car ride up and said that i could think of a bright side. The whole day was a vacation in a wonder land. Suddenly a frown came to my mouth because i saw Joe’s father packing his bag. He was just getting ready for tomorrow. The day when bye so fast that i couldn’t Evan keep track of the time, it almost felt like it had not even been half a day. Morning arouse without warning. Looking outside the window I could see the rain falling on the snow making it more of a slush. Walking downstairs with my packed bag I saw breakfast was on the table.

I put my bag into the car and hopped in. I had a cup of cereal and water. on the car ride home i looked out the window to see the snow slowly getting less and less knowing that we were going closer home. This time the car ride was bad because there was nothing to look forwards to besides chores and homework, plus i couldn’t sleep because of the two animals next to me. Driving on the off ramp to my house i noticed that It was more like a damp spring morning and that there was no snow. I funny when you think about it that a little two and a half hour drive you are in two feet of snow. But i didn’t mind not having to put on a whole new wardrobe just to go outside. Looking back on the trip I Thought to myself would i do it again and without a single thought I said Yes.

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