Sean O.’s Memoir: The Fourth Grade Incident


The bathroom smelt like smoke and fireworks, you could hear POP POP and SNAP SNAP. Boys in my grade were laughing without a care in the world but some were running outside to the teachers. I looked around the bathroom and spotted the very person who was the culprit.

It was a warm day as I came home from school and got off my bus and walked up to my house. I was able to to smell something good cooking as I walked up my driveway and saw the nice white house that I was able to call home. Later that day my grandmother came over to just visit so me and the rest of my family were hanging outside. After talking for a while I convinced my grandmother to buy me a huge box of these snappers (my parents were thrilled with the idea). After the days past the package had finally arrived at my house and I remember that day so well because I went outside to throw one off and it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. The next day I was packing my backpack and I snuck some snapper boxes into my backpack while still doing so.


“Sean if I get a call from the teachers saying you have brought these to school you are going to be in so much trouble with school and here”.


“Dont worry mom I wont bring them into school”. I said in a unsure voice.


At that moment I was saying a flat out lie to my mother and that lie would be the one that would ruin everything. I got through the school day and told a few of my friends about what was inside of my backpack but they did not care too much. By the end of the day I was hanging out in the bathroom and my friend Mason Wilk came inside and I decided to show him what the snappers were capable of. His first reaction was great and he wanted to try one out. He asked me for the box and I did give it because he was my friend.
The next day I came into school without a care in the world and another friend of mine, Will asked me if he can have 2 boxes of snappers for $15 and I agreed to the trade off. The rest of the day I was debating to actually bring in the snappers because usually when people said that they were going to pay you they never did. After a bit of thinking I decided that I should trust Will. The next day I decided to bring them to school and thankfully Will actually brought the money. After that everything went downhill.

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