Erik’s Letter essay #5

Letter essay #5
Erik Wojenski
Grade8 p.1
I read the book Mrs frisby and the rats of nimh written by Robert O’brien. This book was written in 1971 this book has illustrations drawn by Jane leslie conly.This book won a newbery medal in 1972. Robert Obrien’s daughter also made two novels about the rats of nimh. There was also a movie made out of this book in 1982 it was animated and called The secret of nimh

Mrs frisby is a mouse with a family and her son timothy has gotten sick with pneumonia and Mr Fitzgibbon the farm owner is soon going to prepare farming again for spring is just around the corner. Mrs frisby’s house is in the the field where mr fitzgibbon is going to plow. Usually mrs frisby and her kids would move to their spring house when the time came for mr fitzgibbon to plow the field where mrs frisby’s house is. Mrs frisby can’t move to their spring house this year because timothy is sick and he wouldn’t survive the cold trip to their spring home. Mrs frisby seeked help from a wise owl. At first the owl didn’t want to help her because he didn’t know her but then she mentioned her last name and the owl wanted to help immediately. She became close with the rats and she found out secrets she never knew before. She found out there back story and helped them out as they did to her.

I rate this book 8/10 and i did enjoy reading it. I read this book because ofa recommendation and I hope to watch the movie.

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