Erik’s Memoir

Erik Wojenski
Grade 8 P.1


I was running on the street bare footed I was used to the slight pain. I was laughing and my lungs were burning as adrenaline pumped through my veins.
“Come back here now “ Melissa yelled. Man was this exciting I thought.
A couple hours before
My brother sister and I were walking across the dead end street to our neighbors house. Our mom needed to go run errands for a couple of hours. Of course we hated going along and I was just not quite old enough to be left alone at home, that’s what my mom thought but I definitely thought that at the age of 11 I was definitely responsible enough to be left home alone for a couple of hours. The only time i’ve ever been left alone was when my mom made the occasional stop to the hilltop meat market not even 5 minutes from our house if you took a car. If you cut through our neighbor’s lawn you could get there in 2 minutes maybe less. But this time no matter how much I begged and claimed I was responsible enough she wouldn’t leave us home alone. I wanted to go to the neighbors because it’s always fun going to there house, but I wanted to experience what it was like being on my own for a few hours.

“Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong! Hello we’re here”
I said in a sing song voice. There dogs went berserk. The neighbors have five dogs of there own and all of them jumped up and started barking at us through the opened up windowsill. They couldn’t jump out because it was opened just a crack but it didn’t stop them from trying. Then there big doberman Mojo ran up to the side of us and started wagging his stub of a tale as he sniffed us. Mojo must’ve gotten through the back fence. We knocked on there door and the neighbors Celina and Richie came running to the door in excitement.
“ Hey mojo get in here!” Celina shouted boldly to make sure he could hear. He obeyed and went back inside as we walked in through the door. As soon as we stepped through the door we were greeted by 2 of there dogs, max and jenny. Zeus was on the back porch barking through the sliding door, There dog redman sat in the corner with his tail down because he was scared of everyone. We pet max and jenny but we had to pet jenny carefully because she is really shy to but not as much as redman.
“Come on guys let’s go down stairs” Richie was eager to go down stairs and watch a movie. We all followed Richie through the house and down the stairs to the basement where some beanbags and a tv were.
“Guys lets watch chucky my friend told me it would be really really good” Richie usually didn’t like horror movies but I guess he wanted to now
“Ok” I said
I have wanted to watch this movie for a long time but was never able to because we didn’t have netflix at the time but they did. The movie chucky was a horror movie about a doll that gets possessed by a murderer’s spirit and kills everyone. We sat down and watched the movie, man this movie was more scary than I thought. When the movie finished we were all pretty shaken up. Just at that moment Melissa jumped out from behind the couch and screamed. We all shrieked but laughed it off. We decided to go outside now, we always had fun playing outside we did it every single day and always found something new to do and never got bored.
“Ok guys let’s go outside” I said. We all walked up the stairs and up through the house to the front porch. There was wrapping paper sitting on the porch.
“Sword fiiiight” I yelled as we all grabbed a role and started battling. My brother Richie and Celina were all teaming on me. The only one that wasn’t playing was my sister she was just sitting on the stairs playing her Nintendo DS.
“Come on Julia play with us” I said
“No I don’t want to get hurt” she whined
I ran over to my sister and being the brother I was I didn’t give up, I wanted my way. I kept bothering her
“Come on come on come on”
“No! Leave me alone” My sister said boldly
Being the mean brother I was I hit her on the wrist with the role of wrapping paper.
She started bawling.
“No Julia im sorry im sorry please stop crying”
“Shh stop i’m sorry”
“What did you do!?” Melissa screamed as she burst through the door.
She didn’t stop to listen to what I was going to say. Melissa started chasing after me with another roll of wrapping paper that was on the stairs. I didn’t think I just ran. I ended up on a street that wasn’t too far from my house. At first when I got on the street it didn’t realize that I was on this street but I knew where I was because I have a good sense of direction. I caught my breath and started running again. I ran until I got to my friends house that was across the street and up 5 houses. I was really sweating even though I wasn’t wearing a shirt or shoes just a pair of shorts and a baseball cap. It was such a humid day it was a terrible when the weather was humid. Especially in the summer mixed with the heat.

I quickly slipped passed my friends gate and quickly and quietly ran across his backyard into the woods behind his house. These woods led back to my house and also opened up to the neighbors lawn behind my house. I trudged through the deep jumbles of leaves and ran onto the neighbor’s lawn behind my house. I ran panting heavily about 200 feet and cut back into the woods and ran up to the tall white plastic fence that separates the woods and my backyard. I ran at the fence so fast I jumped with such force I would have been able to jump the fence if I committed. I jumped and pulled myself up onto the plastic fence. The fence was slippery because It was so humid outside
“Where are you?”

I immediately dropped back down.
“Ah” I cursed under my breath. I fell on a sharp rock that was hidden under leaves, I quickly examined my right foot. My heel was bleeding pretty badly and it hurt pretty bad to.
“Eriiiiiik where are you” Celina sang
“Guys lets check behind the shed he could be hiding there.
“Yeah let’s go, man I can’t wait to find him” after he said that my brother ran around the house to where the shed was as everyone followed. As soon as they were gone I climbed over the fence and, Thud! I hit the ground making sure not to land on my heel. I ran towards where they went. Our shed is right next to our house so that was the only way I would be able to get up on the roof. My foot was hurting so I just wanted them to find me in a pretty cool hiding spot before I went back to their house.

I waited at the fence until Celina, Richie, John, and Julia ran around the other side of the house. I quickly came up on the shed and started climbing immediately. The first part of getting up is hard,I used the fence to help me put my foot onto the doorknob of the shed door, I then put my left foot on top of the gate and lifted myself up onto the top of the shed. I walked along the top of the shed and lifted myself up onto the roof. I crouch walked up and over the side of the roof that faced the backyard and slowly and carefully slid my way down to the edge of the roof and let my legs hang over the edge of the gutters. I could see the whole neighborhood from my roof. I saw the neighbors and my siblings running across the neighbor’s yard.

“Hey whats up guys” I yelled
“Ha!, you are” Richie joked
“Where have you been the whole time?, Where were you hiding?” My sister asked
“I was just hiding here and there”
“Well can you come down?” My sister asked
Without saying anything I jumped down onto the lawn. Our roof is low enough to the ground that you wouldn’t break your legs jumping down from it. It hurt my heel really bad though.

“Wait am I still in trouble?”
“No Melissa didn’t care she was just messing around” My brother said
Just then my mom came around the corner of the dead end street with her car. She pulled up.
“Did you guys have a good time?”
Surprisingly everyone said

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