Memoir ILA per1 casey tichy


Casey Tichy

Mr Jockers

Per 1

Feb. 10, 2017

In Our Hearts


“Hey Casey” my aunt yelled from downstairs

‘Yes’ I moaned

“Your parents are here”

As I walked back upstairs my parents came through the door wearing fancy black clothing.

‘Whats with the depressing outfits?’ I questioned

“We had to attend a wake” my father said emotionally

My mother rested her head on his shoulder like something tragic had just happened

“oh … another Tichy must have passed”

“No” mom said  as one cold hand is rested on my shoulder

“Lets sit down”

Mom took my hand and led me to the dining table.

As we sat down my mother says “ Nana had passed”

My heart sank as I got up and moved to the stairs while my mom sat down and sobbed on my shoulder.  I had never seen my mom cry before.

“She was only 73” she cried    

I was speechless. My emotions hit me as I teared up and gazed at my grand mothers picture. I wondered how this would effect my family. I wished I could change things… but there was nothing that I can do.


I sat down on my cousin’s bed and stared at the wall for a long time, until finally I fell asleep

“‘ Casey, your grandmother is alive she was never dead it was all a lie…all a lie..all a lie.”  I

I woke up startled.

“Hi,” my Aunt said softly. She smelled like winter candy apple from bath and body works “your grandmother was a lovely person, I had the pleasure of meeting  her a few times. I just wanted to tell her that she doesn’t really understand. I went disney with my Grandmother, I spent holidays with her, I visited her in her Queens apartment,  I felt hollow.  How could my aunt possibly understand. I wanted to yell at her, but I kept silent and ate my bagel. My aunt then told me that the funeral was that day.

I was standing in front of the funeral parlor waiting for my cousins to arrive.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew seeing my cousins would make me feel better, it always did.  I saw many people arrive.  I saw my Grandfather and my Grandmother’s friends. I saw a white van pull  and my five cousins step out.  Each of them being very dressed up in black dresses, and the boy was in a suit. I felt bad for him because my grandmother died right after his birthday.  Would his birthday always be a reminder of my Grandmothers death. I was wearing a red dress that was worn for my uncles wedding.


A black funeral car showed up and I noticed that there were flowers and ribbons on top of the casket. My mom’s brothers got out from each side of the funeral car. The men lifted the coffin up and into the church and the funeral went on.  The mass was catholic, and my mom said really nice things about my grandmother..  Overall the funeral was more of a celebration of life than a death.  My first funeral was nothing like I thought it would be. I now understand how important closure is.  It was very warm spending time with my cousins, family, and friends.  Having so many people around sharing a common loss, is comforting.  


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