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Recently I read the book The City of Ember written by: Jeanne DuPrau. In this book Lina (the main character) lives in a dark world. Literally. There is no light in The City of Ember, except for what comes from the streetlamps. The first mayor of ember was given a special box with a timed lock. Inside was something that would be needed much later on in ember, they told her. She was not to open the box, she was to pass it along to the next mayor in secret. Once her term was up she passed on the box to the next mayor and that mayor to the next. This all went on for a number of years until one mayor got sick. He was going to die. The coughing sickness had spread, and many had died. He desperately wanted to know what was in the box. So he took it to his home and cracked it hard with a mallet. All  he could manage was a faint dent. The mayor died that night, and the next mayor had no idea about the box, or the secret. The box sat in a closet for years, until the lock silently clicked open.


I chose this book because it is very interesting and very good. It is a cool story and everyone should read it. I love the idea of this dark city, it is such an intriguing idea.

Something I like about the book is how the author describes how ember works, and how  everyone functions in this world. I also love the description of the city. Here’sa quoted passage I love from the book: She realized all at once that Doon, thin dark eyed Doon, with his terrible brown jacket and his good heart- was the person she knew better than anyone now. He was her best friend. – pg. 83 The City of Ember.


The author also did a great job of developing characters and showing The mayor, Lina and Doon’s personality as well as all the other characters. I felt like I knew Lina, and I could feel a sense of what she was like.


I would rate this book a 7/10 because it’s very good, not one of my favorites, but it is very good. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery or adventure.



Gwen Kovac

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1 thought on “Letter essay 6 The city of Ember Gwen Kovac

  1. Dear Gwen,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay, it was really well written! I especially liked all the detail you included about the book. I have actually tried to read this book before, but I didn’t really like it. I think I might give it another try considering your good reviews! Thank you for sharing!
    – Amelia Burrell

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