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Jeremy’s Letter Essay #4

                                                 Letter Essay #4           Recently, I finished reading the book The Compound by S.A Bodeen. The first book in a short series. The Compound is about Eli, a fifteen-year-old boy that lives in a bomb shelter with his family after a nuclear attack on his country destroys everything he loves and it follows him as … Continue reading Jeremy’s Letter Essay #4

Jeremy’s Letter Essay #3

                                                                             Jeremy Peralta                                        Letter Essay #3 Recently, I completed reading the book The Copper Gauntlet a 264 page by Holly Black. The book is the second in the series The Magisterium. The plot is very simple, A student was murdered and a mage named Callum Hunt must find out who the killer is before he attacks … Continue reading Jeremy’s Letter Essay #3

Angie’s Memoir

                                                                                                                                          Angie Porcaro Mr. Jockers Period 5 ILA Feb. 7, 2017   Concussion   It had been a long day at school: two quizzes that I was almost positive I’d failed, an hour and a half worth of hockey, and two hours worth of homework. Just to top that off, I wasn’t feeling well. My day … Continue reading Angie’s Memoir