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Recently, I have finished reading The Cabin,  a 336-page, mystery book.  This novel is written by Natasha Preston.  Natasha Preston is an United Kingdom native, she grew up in small towns and villages, and she fell in love with reading and writing early in her life.  She started writing, professionally, in 2010, since then she has written 10 books.  The Cabin was published September 6, 2016, it was her most recent book.  Natasha Preston has written 3 award winning novels.  The Cellar, Awake, and The Cabin , all written by Natasha Preston, are all New York Times Best Sellers.  I read this book because one of my favorite genres is mystery, and the book was recommended to me.

In the book, The Cabin, Mackenzie Keaton is a young, teenage, girl who decides to spend a weekend away.  Her friends, Kyle, Aaron, Blake, Megan, Josh, and Courtney, decide to go on a vacation to Josh’s cabin.  Everyone is having a good time, until two bodies are found in the kitchen.  Josh and Courtney were found dead, in the kitchen of the cabin.  Josh and Courtney were murdered, sometime during the night.  Mackenzie discovers the bodies, and calls the police.  The police find no signs of forced entry, so that means that either Mackenzie, Blake, Megan, Aaron, or Kyle killed Josh and Courtney.  Mackenzie knows that she is innocent, but she also knows that one of her friends is guilty.  Throughout the novel Mackenzie tries to figure out who the murderer is, and why he/she committed the crime.

The main character developed over time; at the beginning of this book she was a young girl who just wanted to spend a fun weekend away with her friends, but toward the end of the novel the character became an independent person who went through some very troubling times.  After her friends die Mackenzie becomes very depressed, and it is her goal to find out who the murderer is.  She becomes a very brave, strong, and intelligent person throughout the novel.

I would compare this author to Katie Alender.  Katie Alender is the author of Famous Last Words.  The Cabin reminded me of Famous Last Words.  The genre of both books were mystery and realistic fiction, and each book has a similar plot line.  In Famous Last Words Willa is trying to solve a string of murders.  She is trying to find a serial killer, and in The Cabin Mackenzie is also trying to find a murderer.  Katie Alender and Natasha Preston also have very similar writing styles and techniques.  They both write very suspenseful, dramatic novels.  Also throughout the book both authors always show the main character’s feelings and emotions.

The narrative voice was the main character, Mackenzie.  This perspective helped show the thoughts and emotions of the other characters, and it made the book much more enjoyable.  If this perspective were to change, the book would have been majorly impacted.  Mackenzie shows her true thoughts and feeling throughout the book, and it makes it much better.  Mackenzie changes throughout the novel, and if this perspective were to change, the book would probably have a different plot line.  

I was interested in the passage when Mackenzie realizes that there is no way to help Blake.  Preston writes: “There was only one way to prevent him from being locked up.  I pulled back and stared into the pretty blue eyes I’d fallen in love with.  Blake meant everything to me.  “Run” I whispered.” (page 226.)  I like this passage because it shows how suspenseful the book is.  And it shows how the author creates drama, and this passage creates a lot of suspense.

I think that many people would enjoy this book.  It is an amazing mystery, action, and realistic fiction book.  It was written very well, and it it has an interesting plot line.  I would definitely recommend this book, it was great!  Although I loved this book, it was not my favorite, therefore I would give it a 7 out of 10.  Natasha Preston was an absolutely amazing author, I really enjoyed this book and I am glad I took the time to read it.  I look forward to reading more books written by Natasha Preston.



Isabel Llach

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