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March 2

Dear Blog,

I recently finished reading Artemis fowl: The Time Paradox, by Eoin Colfer. It has 432 pages, which is the longest book in the series, and it is a fantasy book. Colfer said in one of his video blogs that this book will be the last book in the series, or at least for a long time. But, he did make another book. I read this book because it is in a series of eight books, Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox being the sixth.


The book starts off with Artemis Fowl the second, playing with his two twin brothers, Beckett and Myles. Then, his mother is infected with a terrible disease, and Artemis uses some magic that he got in the previous book to try to heal her. It gets worse. Then Artemis contacts Captain Holly Short, a fairy elf from the Lower Elements Police, to come save his mother. Holly and her partner Foaly come to see what is going on. Apparently his mother has gotten Spelltrophy, a disease that nearly wiped out the fairy race. The only cure to Spelltrophy is the brain fluid from a silky sifaka lemur. The only downside is that the lemur went extinct almost eight years ago, and the person who made it extinct was Artemis Fowl the second. He was in a tough situation with his father’s business, and he traded the lemur to the Extinctionists for fifty thousand euros. That saved his business. So, Artemis decides he wants to go back in time to save the lemur. Holly and Foaly thinks this is a terrible idea, so Artemis lies to Holly and said that she gave her mother Spelltrophy. So, with the help of a demon warlock, N1, Holly and Artemis go back in time.


They appear almost eight years ago, in Artemis’s study. They both look younger and Holly is going through adolescence again. Then the Artemis from the past’s bodyguard, Butler, finds them and tranquilizes them. They wake up in the back of a Fowl bentley car near the place that he got the lemur. Holly calls Mulch Diggums, a criminal dwarf, without even knowing. He comes and gets them out of the trunk and helps them get inside the place with the lemur. They try to open up the cage with the lemur, but instead they open up one with a gorilla. The three of them have to battle the gorilla while young Artemis gets the lemur. But the lemur runs away from the zoo, and all of them chase after it. The lemur climbs onto some power lines and old Artemis has to balance his way to the lemur. Then young Artemis catches up and old Artemis has to give up the lemur by gunpoint. They next have to go to Fez, Morocco, to get the lemur while young Artemis and the Extinctionists do their trade. They successfully get the lemur, but young Artemis gets Holly instead and trades Holly to the Extinctionists rather than the lemur. I will stop there.


I was surprised when Artemis almost died during the gorilla fight. It was a very close battle, and Holly had to use her gift of tongues to ward off the angry creature. Holly then healed Artemis and realized how close he was to death so she kissed him. Very surprising and  cringy moments.  


I didn’t like when Artemis described his mother and how sick she was. He said that she was skinny down to the bone and it didn’t look like she was breathing. It was enough for me to get a good look in my head of what she looked like, but it was just the most creepy thing I have heard in the series so far.


The climax of the plot is when old Artemis gets the lemur from the Extinctionists. They have a plan that Holly shoots fireworks into the air to get both of their attention. Then Mulch, who’s special dwarf talent is digging underground, pops up from the ground to take the lemur and leave underground. The plan went well, but Butler tranquilizes Holly again and that is how Holly gets kidnapped.


This detailed quote comes from when Mulch Diggums is trying to get Holly and Artemis out of the trunk that young Artemis put them in. “And the trunk’s lid swung upward, revealing a slice of starry night with the glinting silhouette with a gigantic pylon behind it. A bedraggled head popped into the space, features smeared with mud and worse. This was the face that only a mother could love, and then perhaps only if her sight were failing. (Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox, page 112)” I liked all the description in this passage. It feels like Colfer was trying to describe an art painting. If he did, he did a great job. I liked how he described Mulches features too. I also liked that joke too, it added a bit of touch into the passage.


Overall, I liked the book. There were still a lot of parts that I couldn’t understand about the book. But that was probably because the book was about time travel and time travel is very, like VERY confusing. I rate this book 8 out of 10.



Mitchell Worthington

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