Olivia’s Letter-Essay #6


Olivia Parcells

Dear students,


I recently finished reading The One, an 323 page science fiction book by Kiera Cass.


Kiera Cass has written many books including The Selection, The Elite and The One. It is the  #1 New York Times bestselling Selection series. I chose this book because I wanted to finish the Selection series. I have read the other two book and I enjoyed them so, I thought I would read the last one. Out of the three I think that The One was the best. The first book was really good, but I thought that the second book was slow.


The One is mostly about America and Maxon. America had feelings for Maxon but never told him her feelings. This caused some conflicts between America and Maxon and this caused America to still have feelings for Aspen. Once America tells Maxon that she loves him they spend more time together. They start to realize how much they need each other and love each other. Towards the middle to the end of the book they started making sacrifices for each other. This really showed how much they truly loved one another. Will America be the queen or go home?


I wish that Maxon did not get mad at America after he saw Aspen and America together. When he saw them together he got very upset and told America that he would not marry her and that she should go home to her family. He ignored America and was rude to her which showed that Maxson had a mean side. Maxon should have believed America when she told him that she and Aspen were just friends. I was surprised when Aspen fell out of love with America. He understood that America had a good chance of becoming the queen and he needed to let her go. I always thought that he will never let go until he started hugging and kissing Lucy right in front of America.


This quote is about when the rebels invaded the castle and started shooting everyone. Aspen takes America to a safe room to go into hiding. “Over his shoulder, a hint of red came from behind the corner at the end of the hall. I jerked the gun up and pointed it past Aspen, firing at the figure. Not a second later, Aspen pushed me into the safe room and slammed the door, leaving me alone in the dark.” Page 298. I really liked this quote because so much is going on in the book. America saved Aspen’s life by hitting the wall to scare the rebel giving him just enough time for Aspen to shoot the rebel. Aspen also saved America’s life by bringing and pushing her into the safe room. I really liked how Aspen sacrificed his life for her. He wanted America to live. I rate this book a 10 out of 10 because it was really good. I love the beginning, end and everything in between.


Olivia Parcells           



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4 thoughts on “Olivia’s Letter-Essay #6

  1. Olivia,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay. You did a really nice job with your summary. You explained the book really well and you did a nice job explaining why you read the book. You also did a nice in your introduction.


  2. Olivia,
    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay especially because I love this book also. I really liked the passage you chose and your introduction. I also liked how you explained that you wished that Maxon didn’t get mad at America when she told him about Aspen. Good job!


  3. Dear Olivia,

    Thanks for sharing your letter-essay, I really enjoyed reading it! I think you did a really great job of entwining your own opinions into each paragraph, that showed how much you enjoyed the book. I also read the Selection series a while ago and I liked it as well. You mentioned how the One was the third book in the series, so I know you were already very familiar with the characters. However, I think your letter-essay would be even better if you explained who America, Aspen, and Maxon were, and the situation of the book. That way anyone could understand your synopsis rather than only those who read the first two books in the series. Great job Olivia!

  4. Dear Olivia,
    I really like reading your letter essay. It was very enjoyable for me to read because I have also read this book. You did a great job with your summary and explained it very well. I also really liked your passage of choice. Great Job!
    -Molly Luckart

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