Brody N. Letter essay 6

I am reading Unwind by Neal Shusterman, a young-adult fiction writer. Unwind came out in 2007. I chose this book because I was recommended by my friend and a teacher.

This book is about how parents if they basically think you are not good enough. So if you mess up at all, your parents will unwind you. Unwinding is when you go to the harvest and they take every single part of your body and gives it to someone in need. Obviously this will kill you instantly. The story is about how three kids that are about to be unwinded so they run away. Not all together at first but they find each other later. The three main characters are Risa, Connor, and Lev. Lev is a kid that was meant to get unwound since he was young. He’s a tithe. Connor is scared so he runs away to stay alive. Risa was getting unwound bc she was to good.

The author surprised me by having all the stories merge together in a way. Connor caused the bus crash and connor also caused the car crash. Connor caused most of the problems in the beginning but like i said i was surprised that it all merged together into one story.

The perspective is split into different people. It starts with Lev Connor and Risa. Later on in the story more characters come in.

One quote from the book is when risa says “why is there no pictures” (pg.58) This gets the characters thinking and i think this is a big part in the book.

I rate this book a 8 out of 10.

Brody Nichols

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