Callie S.’s Letter Essay #6

Dear peers on the blog,
I have recently finished the first half of a great book called Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow.
Charlotte Davis, is a seventeen year old who has lost to many people for anyone to handle. But she has learned to cope with it and forget. She doesn’t know how to handle it after things get worse, so she eventually finds herself in a psychiatric hospital. But then the day before she was supposed to be released a friend showed up, Mickey. They were emailing back and forth a little bit but not to much. Mickey helped Charlotte with some stuff, and the next day she was on the bus to a place where she could have a new beginning and forget about her past.
The character development in this story was very well put together because they showed how the character went from being sad each day to being a lot better and getting a job and enjoying her life. I think the author tried to make it clear to the reader that things can get better through the character.
The way that I read the book is that I tried to look at the different perspectives like Mickey’s perspective was trying to help charlotte and help her get her life back on track. But through other people’s perspectives, the story changes completely and I think it’s interesting to see that and try and read the book from the different perspectives, that’s why I read the book by looking at the different perspectives.
I liked how the author put a lot of details into the book that she didn’t really need but she put in anyways. I felt like it made the book a little easier to picture in my head because the little things she added was like the lamp was on in the corner or there was a empty box in the corner of the apartment. I just feel like it’s easier to imagine the overall plot too.
The passage that I picked was:
Does it feel ugly or do you feel ugly, Charlie? Because there is a difference, and I want you to think about what that difference might be. It will integral to your healing.
I picked this passage because I like the meaning of it. Its saying that you should really think about what your thinking. And even thought your thinking something it might be something different.
Some people that would like this book is people who like realistic fiction or something that really could happen. Another person that would like this book is someone who wants to see someone succeed in life. I would rate this book so far a 10/10.
Sincerely, Callie Standen

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