8 thoughts on “Exploring Relationships in The Compound

  1. The Go animate was well made, but some key points in the story were not true. fixing on those key point would make this great presentation just a bit greater.

  2. I could tell that you really understood the complexity of Eli’s relationship with his father. I liked how you provided enough detail so that someone who hasn’t read the book would be able to understand your thinking, but not too much so that it felt like a summary. One way you could improve is by using your own voice in the video so that it’s easier to hear and comprehend. Overall, I really liked your video.

  3. It was made very well and was very descriptive, yet I think that you could have put in your own opinions instead of just stating facts about the book.


  4. This is a great GoAnimate. I like all the description. The only advice I would give is to change some of the facts because a lot of them are slightly incorrect.

  5. Great Go Animate, though i’m not a fan of the text to speech. I liked the diagram you made explaining the relationships throughout the stories characters. Also, the brief summary of the book brought people who hadn’t read the compound up to speed, but it could still be briefer. I would also discourage revealing the plot twist.

  6. I really liked how you said the relationships between the characters were not the same in the end as they were in the beginning. You could work on making the transitions between topics shorter. Lastly, when you said that Eli had a conversation with Eddie it revealed some of the important plot twists.

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