ILA Memoir JJ

JJ Lachioma


ILA Period 1

February, 10, 2017

The Time I Got Piper

When I got Piper, A female tortoiseshell cat,  I was 5 years old. She was so little when I got her. The air was so thin as we got her in the morning, and smelled of spring and freshly mowed grass. We parked  outside the small apartment building and as we got out of the car, a strong mixture of street food, gasoline, and trash filled my nose. We walked up the gum filled sidewalk and entered the small run down apartment building. Climbing up the hardwood stairs to the room that my cat was waiting, I thought about feeding her and playing with her all day long. When we finally reached the door,  I knocked hard. We hear heavy footsteps come closer, and then the door opens. A dirty man steps out into the hallway.  He looks about 20-25 years old with long brown hair and a green button up. We walk in the first room which is a greasy, small and dirty kitchen littered with pots and pans. A strong scent of cat pee garbage and dirty clothes hits me. I really want to get out of there. In my mind it makes me happy knowing that I am rescuing a cat from a bad home but it is so dirty in here. Ugh!!!!.

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