Cole Letter Essay #6

Cole Letter Essay #6
Mr. Jockers
Dear Blog,
Recently I have finished reading “United as One”, a 467-paged science-fiction book which happens to be the last book in the seven book series called “I am number 4”. United as one was written by James Frey which was a newer discovery to me due to the name written on the front cover which was Pittacus Lore along with the title which were the only names on the front of the actual cover.
I chose to read this book because I had to. I’ve been reading this series nonstop since almost the beginning of the year and have done almost all of my letter essays on them.
All of the books had almost led up to this book. I am both sad and satisfied to be writing my last letter essay of the trimester on the last book of the series.
In this book the main character discovers that he is way more powerful than he realized but this plays a role with mind games for John Smith. With this being the last book of the series, John tries to take down, and solve all of his remaining problems and issues. Along with this everything around him is falling apart so it is now or never to finish what needed to be done. One scene includes him leaving off by himself to go take down an entire warship because he doesn’t care about what happens to himself now that Sarah died at the end of the previous book. John gets broken down and does everything in his power to stop the invasion even though the mogadorians receive disturbing augmentations which make it nearly impossible to accomplish what needed to be done.
Not giving too much of the ending away, I particularly loved this ending because it brought it back to the beginning of the first book. When John is millimeters from death fighting the final battle of the war. This was my favorite scene/ending in any book I have ever read. In the first book in the first few chapters, John shows up at Paradise, Ohio High School when he sees Sarah Hart, and she snaps a picture of the new student for the photography news paper. This was the first time they met. They both went through the entire journey together and in this scene of the last book he remembers her even though she was gone. On page 407 of “United as One” the author wrote, “The withered hideous face before me laughs maniacally.
I close my eyes.
Picture Sarah
She holds up a camera, snaps a photo and smiles at me.
I let my Legacies pour out of me. All of them.
Until there’s nothing left.”
This passage of writing gave me a feeling unexplainable because so much has happened. In the beginning of the book some members had difficulties getting along or disagreements but at the end they still do but they learned how to work with it. With this short passage of dialogue it shows how quick and efficient they work together because they become the same kind. ““Unless you pass it through the force field” “Bingo” Sam says, and tosses me the phone” I didn’t have any complaints with this book or even the entire series at all so I would rate this book an 11/10.
Cole Sylvia

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  1. Dear Cole,
    This is a great letter essay. I really like how you summarized the passage that you chose to analyze. In was really in depth and I could tell you worked hard on it. Keep up the good work.
    From, John Loo

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