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Dear Mr. Jockers


I read the book harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. It was about a boy named harry, whose parents were killed by a very evil man. This man was so evil nobody says his name. He is sent off to live with his aunt and uncle, who were very jealous of his wizardly powers, so they are very mean to him. One day he received a letter addressed to him but his stepdad rips it up before he could read it. Letters keep on pouring into his house and


I really liked the part of the book where harry had to rescue hermione from the troll in the bathroom in there school. I like this part because it was filled with action and you had no idea what was going on either. It was also good because harry proved himself to the teachers.


I liked this book because it was about an interesting topic and it was just interesting in general. I would give this book a 8/10 and i would recommend it to anyone who likes to read fantasy and to read books with a lot of characters


From, Joe Autuori


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