Letter essay #7

Erik Wojenski
Grade8 P.1
April 7

Dear, Students

I have been reading the book Fallout. It is a 336 page book and the author of this book is S.A. Bodeen. This book is a sequel to the book Compound. The reason I have been reading this book is because I read the book Compound and I loved it it was a very interesting book.
In the book the fallout Eli and his family, He has two sisters named Therese and Lexie, Also he has a mom named Clea and a father named Rex who is very wealthy and rich. Eli also has a brother named Eddie who was locked out of the compound and after Eli discovered there was no bomb that went off outside the compound and that Rex kept them in there for 6 years. Eli and his family reunited with Eddie and Clea’s mother while they hide from the media in a house that couldn’t be tracked back from them while they try to adjust to the real world. Rex Yanakakis was believed to be killed in the explosion that destroyed the compound. Eli is paranoid that his father might still be out there. Rex’s secretary is owner of rex’s business and Eli and his family are fighting over ownership of the company. A quote I liked was “T.S Elliot was wrong. My world ended with a bang the minute we entered the Compound and the silver door closed behind us.
The sound was brutal.
Final.” The reason I liked this quote was because it is part of both books. Eli and his family’s lives were changed completely and threw there life out of control. I really liked this book and rate it 10 out of 10 I usually don’t like to read but it was a very good book

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