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I have just finished a great book called The Raft, a 231 page thriller book by  Stephanie Stuve Bodeen. Stephanie grew up in Wisconsin on a dairy farm where, she spent her time milking cows, she even learned to drive a stick shift at the age eight. She has lived in eight states, two African countries, and one insular possession. She is also a Green Bay Packer fan. Stephanie graduated from UW-RIver Falls to pursue her dream of becoming an author.

The Raft is her second most popular selling book. The book originally was published on August, 21, 2012. The book got all  great reviews from professional book critics. I chose this book because when I was examining the back of the book it sounded very intense and a type of book that would get my heart racing(which it did!).

In the book The Raft, fifteen year old Robbie lives on an island with her parents in the middle of the pacific ocean called Midway, midway is a national wildlife refuge. Robbie likes living on the island because she is homeschooled and loves seeing the cool wildlife and her parents are research biologists. Robbie enjoyed living there but she hated not having any friends on the island her age, and having only three channels to watch, and not good at all wifi. When she couldn’t take it no more time to time her parents would put her on a supply palain to Honolulu Hawaii  so she could visit her aunt.. It was two months after her 15 teenth birthday when she went to visit her aunt Aj in Honolulu and even before even 3 days of being there Aj had to leave to fly out to L.A  for work purposes. She ended up staying At Ajs apartment by herself. All was going good until the second night when she woke up for her nap and was starving so she decided to go out and get food. On her way back she neary almost got rapped by a man that had been watching her on the street. That caused her to go and catch a flight back home with no one knowing. At the airport trying to get a flight home her original plain polit max saw her and put her on the flight back home. Next thing before you know it the plain breaks down and max managed to put her in the raft which she is forced to survive on her own and, no one looking for her.

I think the book was great! I loved the way the author added so much detail. While I  was reading the book I got to picture the words from off the pages and make a fluent story while I was reading. I felt like I was with her in the raft alone, all by myself, stranded on a blow up boat with nothing to eat, nothing to live for, no one to find me. If i had to rate the book 1 out of  10, I would have gave it a solid 8.5 just  because I didn’t  like how it got right into the climax on what happened. I was shocked when i found out the pilot Max wasn’t really there in the raft with her, she was just imaging he was because he had died that first night in the raft. The author made it feel like he was there with he. I think that it was a great touch to add to the book because that gave the readers great suspension and emotion to the book. Some pros to the book was it had a very vague introduction, I would have gave it a bigger induction and some more detail, not just various details and then jump right into the topic.

A passage that I really liked from the raft was when the author added this quote in the book, “the hands were to strong, and they pulled me out of the water by my hair, until i feel backwards onto something hard and wet”. – narrator (chapter 12 paragraph 5) I Liked that passage because  it gave compassion, detail, shock and a clear picture in my head, just when you think its over shes gonna die the story picked right back up and let you feel her relief. Overall i loved the book and i can’t wait to pass it on to others and share my companion for it with them.

Sincerely ,

Danae O’dean

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6 thoughts on “Danae’s Letter Essay #7

  1. Danae,
    I really liked your letter essay. I really liked how you said that when you were reading you got to picture the plot in your head. I also really liked your summary of the book. This book sounds really good and I really want to read it.


  2. Hi Danae,

    I enjoyed reading your letter essay. I like your summary of the book because it is very detailed. Something you may want to include is adding in a little more text evidence when you are explaining your thoughts on the book so that the reader gets a better understanding of your ideas. I remember when this author came to our school. I meant to get this book, but I forgot about it. I’ll have to find it in the media center because it sounds very interesting.


  3. Danae,

    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay. I liked how you included so much detail about the author’s background and where she came from. I also enjoyed your summary and was glad you didn’t give away too much, because I might want to read The Raft too. I purchased the book back in October when S.A. Bodeen came to our school and it has been sitting on my book shelf ever since. Overall, amazing job and keep up the good work!

    – Amelia Burrell

  4. Dear Danae,

    I really enjoyed reading your letter essay! I really like how you included a lot of detail in your summary because now I want to read the Raft. I also liked how you did not give away the ending! Overall your letter essay is really good and now I want to read it!

    -Olivia Parcells

  5. Dear Danae,
    I really liked reading your letter essay. I had a lot of detail and was really well written. I liked how much detail you put about the author and I really enjoyed reading your summery.

  6. Dear Danae,
    I really enjoyed your letter essay. It was very detailed and included a lot of information about the author. I also like the passage that u chose. It was very powerful and I like your reason for choosing it. Great job!
    -Molly Luckart

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