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Dear classmates,



Recently I have finished reading the book Game Changers #1, written by Mike Lupica, who is actually the youngest columnist writer for a New York newspaper. I read this book because I have been reading a lot of sports books and got hooked on Mike Lupica’s books. This one stood out to me because it was about a quarterback who was really small and had struggles that are hard to overcome.

Ben McBain, a quarterback is 11 years old. Every time he tries out for quarterback he is outsized and out muscled every time. He is not even 5 feet tall and barely meets the weight requirement for the midget league. He tries out again this year, but the only thing standing his way of getting the starter position is the coach’s son.

But he doesn’t give up on his dream that easily. He has a group of friends(the core four), Sam, Coop, Ben, and Lily, the three boys play on the Rockwell Rams a pop warner team in their town., while Lily is their off the field support. This time he really thinks he has a chance.

I was surprised when the author included Lily in all of the guys activities. This is only the second book that I have read where a girl was involved in all of her guy friends activities. Those two books were both mike lupica books. I think the author is trying to say that there is no difference in gender when it comes to being friends.

I really liked when the author had Ben arrived at Shawn O’Brien’s(the antagonist) house and sees him catching the ball and not throwing it. Shawn is supposed to be a quarterback. His dad was Peyton Manning backup in the NFL and wanted his son shawn to be a quarterback and Shawn is all stressed out. Shawn has asked Ben to help him fix this problem. This is when Ben arrives:

“As he rounded the house he heard laughter and as the field came in view he saw Shawn and his dad throwing and catching the ball.

Instead this time it just was shawn throwing the ball, he was catching it.

Then he heard more laughter. Thinking that his job is done he turns and leaves. He thinks to himself That what all sports should sound like, not just football.

Then he leaves”(page 230-231)

I liked when the the author wrote that paragraph because I thought that it showed how Shawn and his dad had changed from the start of the book thanks to Ben. These characters would still be in there miserable spots if Ben hadn’t stepped in and made shawn tell his dad that he didn’t want to be a quarterback. Also since Shawn isn’t quarterback anymore Ben is now starting in his favorite position.

For all this reasons and more that book will always hold a special spot on my bookshelf. That is why I give it a 8/10




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3 thoughts on “Letter Essay #7 Charlie Johnson

  1. Charlie,

    Overall I thought your letter essay was great! You had a lot of good description and you had analysis on all of it. I also really like the passage you chose and how you talked about why you liked it. Really good job.


  2. Charlie,

    I really liked your essay. I like especially how you say that the main character is very small so he has had many problems. This really shows that he will have many problems in football. A suggestion that I have though is that maybe you should fix some grammar issues and maybe include some more about Shawn.

    Sincerely, Josh

  3. Dear Чарли,

    I liked your essay. One thing in general that I liked was how you described the main character. I am not really a sports book reader (if really I do not watch sports at all, I only play them), but you got me interested.

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