Letter Essay #9 – Enders Game



Names: Ashley, Andrew, Charlie



We recently finished the book Enders Games by Orson Scott Card. The book was made into a major motion picture in November 1st of 2013. The book takes place from 2189 to 2198. The book is the winner of the hugo and nebula award and also the Margaret A. Edwards award. We wanted to read this book because they just came out with a movie for it and none of us have read it yet. We also thought it had a cool concept.

Ender Wiggin is just a normal six year old boy living in 2089, stuck in the middle of an inter galactic war. And might be the last hope for the human race. Everyone is in a battle with another life form called the buggers, and the Earth is on the brink of another World war. If he wants to save the entire human race he has to become the best commander the world has ever seen because this is no game.

We were Interested by a part in the book when Valentine gets to school she sees Graff and…

“Valentine we need your help for Ender.

‘What kind of help,’

‘We aren’t even of that we need you to help us figure out how to help us,’

‘Well whats wrong,’

‘That’s part of the problem,’

‘Valentine couldn’t help but laugh. I haven’t seen him in three years! You’ve got him up there with you all the time,’

‘Valentine, it costs more money than your father will make in a lifetime for me to fly to earth and back again, I don’t commute casually.”(Page:143-144)

He has to go back between earth and the Battle Station 3 times through the book. The cost of Apollo 12 was 25.4 billion dollars which means in the future with modern technology for one man to come back and forth three times it would cost at least a couple trillion dollars. If they are willing to do that, then this makes me think that it is very important they figure out what is wrong.

We were surprised about how the author described the ages of the characters in the book. When Ender is about to be launched into space the author describes the characters as 6 years. As we read on into the book, near the end it says that Ender is 15 years old. Which would make sense because he was at the battle school for 9 years. Every Launchie (also known as the newbies on the battle school, first timers) are six years old by the time they reach the Battle station. Which in that case would mean that they are in 1st grade.

We don’t want to give away the ending so we will only talk about the character development from the beginning to the middle. Ender is a very nice kid and slightly shy. HE is a genius but he also keeps to himself quite a lot. He loves his sister Valentine who helps him against their brother Peter who likes to torture Ender at any chance he gets. But we found that as the story continues Ender starts turning out like Peter, hurting people and things on purpose, and not caring how they feel. He is isolated and alone and only he can save himself.


We thought that Ender’s Game was a very confusing book from the beginning if you’re not willing to go back and try to re read the book. We gave this book an 8 out of 10 because it was a little repetitive and confusing but other than that it has a very interesting plot and was overall a good book.



Charlie, Ashley, Andrew
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