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Vinny Limitless, Intelligent, Excellent and Admirable Son of James, Brother of Bianca Lover of TOP, Family and Animals Who feels thankful for Life, Every passing day, happiness and Joy           Who finds happiness in my friends, family, nature and family Who need a new video game every month, a purpose and family Who fears chickens, … Continue reading Bio-Poem:Vinny

Bio-Poem: Amber

Amber Energetic, enthusiastic, unique, persevering Daughter of Beth and Jeff, sister to Sydney, Lillian, and Maxwell Lover of family, vacations, and friends Who feels thankful for her brother, life, and freedom Who finds happiness in baking, the outdoors, and helping others Who needs support, mango black tea, and her brother, Maxwell Who gives respect, support … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Amber

Bio Poem Prentice

Isabel Joyful, effervescent, athletic, humorous Daughter of Nancy and Scott, younger sister of Wesley Lover of her 6-year-old barbet and poodle mix, Licorice, global cuisine, and her black Les Paul Copy electric guitar Who feels thankful for an education, her loving family, and a roof over her head Who finds happiness in performing, mostly acting … Continue reading Bio Poem Prentice


Chelsea   Underestimated, determined, passionate,willing Daughter of Melissa and Albert, sister of Amelia Lover of people, the arts, and ice cream Who feels thankful for ideas, education, and life Who finds happiness in dance, her friends, and organizing her room Who needs answers, stress, and having her voice heard Who gives advice to her little … Continue reading Bio-Poem:Chelsea.C.

Bio-Poem: Tessa

Tessa Dedicated, tenacious, devoted, diligent Daughter of Robin and John, sister of John, Alexa, and Drew Lover of competitive swimming and training, pop punk music, and going to every home game of   The New York Giants with her father and brothers Who feels thankful for a pool and gym to train in, the food … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Tessa