Bio-Poem Adam


Amusing, Determined, Caring, Respectful

Son of Jesse and Violet, Brother of Olivia

Lover of winter, Sports, and relaxing on the Beach

Who feels thankful That he has a loving family, has lots of friends, and a home

Who finds happiness when playing baseball, playing video games, and running around with his dog Leo,

a Poodle Cockerspanile mix

Who needs guidance, a big breakfast, and music to fill his ears

Who gives decent advice, a strong effort, and attention to his dog

Who fears Heights, the dark, and clowns

Who would like to see a volcano erupt, the New York Mets win the World Series, and Chris Pratt

In a new Star Wars movie

Who enjoys swimming in the ocean and watching movies at home

Who likes to wear blue cotton T-Shirts to school, around the house he wears athletic shorts with

His stance socks, and any shirt he pull out of his dresser

Born in Bridgeport Conn., Resident of Easton Conn.


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