Bio Poem: Aidan Or

Bio-Poem: Aidan Ordway


Immature, funny, independant, curious

Son of Jason and Tama, brother of Colter (age 10)

Lover of nature, competitive soccer, and massive ships sailing on the blue ocean

Who feels thankful for his family, his tan skin, and his fluffy cat

Who needs to try new things, be open to new ideas, and to hang out with his mom more

Who gives love to his family, happiness to his friends, and positive energy to strangers

Who fears heights, embarrassment, and to not look presentable

Who would like to see if he will become successful, who would like it if he lived in the Bahamas, and to see if the world become peaceful

Who enjoys water, sleeping, and longboarding

Who likes to wear baggy hoodies with some kind of skater symbol on it, adidas pants, and some kind of dope shoes

Born in Stamford resident of Connecticut



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1 thought on “Bio Poem: Aidan Or

  1. Dear Aidan,
    I really liked the style in which you wrote your bio-poem because it really expressed your personality and how you talk inside of your writing. I can envision you writing the piece. The line about what sort of shoes you like to wear, “some sort of dope shoes,” was my favorite because it showed your sense of humor. Some of your lines lacked some detail and, although not necessary for you poem, it would greatly improve your writing if you employed that tactic in the future because it helps us, the readers, understand what you mean more. Thank you for sharing, your bio-poem was great!


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