Bio-Poem: Allie


Extrovert, confident, always laughing, athletic

Daughter of Tricia and Dave, sister of Jake, Zach, and Charlie

Lover of bike rides with her friends, baking treats just so she can eat what she makes, and a seeing the sun set from under the trees on Marsh street

Who feels thankful after spending time with her loved ones, for a roof over her head, and a family who supports and cares for her no matter what

Who finds happiness in seeing her brothers Jake and Zach who live in Georgia, spending time with her friends, and reading on the couch in a ton of blankets, a sweatshirt and sweatpants

Who needs a new book in the Throne of Glass series, her best friends to guide her and tell her when she does stupid stuff, and her biking and running buddy to keep her nice and fit

Who gives underappreciated and slightly annoying pizza puns, all her love to her 3 year old black lab Murphy, and a smile and high five because why not

Who fears being forgotten by the people she loves, a spider/shark hybrid coming to push her off a cliff, and the villains and monsters of her books lurking in the dark corners

Who would like to see her little brother Charlie grow up with a good education, see the world, and swim in an ocean so clear that she can still see her toes when the water is up to her neck

Who enjoys a good dance party with her mom who has some great moves, reading, and hanging out with friends who always manage to either annoy her, make her smile, or both

Who likes to wear super soft cotton sweatshirts, and her hair brushed, straightened and smoothed down, and old, extremely worn out black high top converse that wouldn’t be black anymore had she not colored them in with sharpie in 7th grade ILA

Born in Norwalk, lifelong resident of Easton


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