Bio-Poem: Amber


Energetic, enthusiastic, unique, persevering

Daughter of Beth and Jeff, sister to Sydney, Lillian, and Maxwell

Lover of family, vacations, and friends

Who feels thankful for her brother, life, and freedom

Who finds happiness in baking, the outdoors, and helping others

Who needs support, mango black tea, and her brother, Maxwell

Who gives respect, support to her friends and family, and advice (good or bad)

Who fears spiders, being stranded, and death

Who would like to see kindness towards others, every continent (besides Antarctica), and the opportunity to go to space for a day

Who enjoys traveling, her pony and dog, June and Walle, and collecting mugs

Who likes to wear comfy, oversized shirts, cute, trendy outfits, and black leggings

Born in New Britain, CT, resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Amber

  1. Hello Amber I really like your post. The part where you would like to see kindness in all continents was super cool; Go world Peace! All those fears that you mentioned are also very relatable. Seeing spiders make me jump (almost all bugs do), the thought of being stranded all by myself isn’t fun, and death I think pretty much says it for itself. I really liked your post, keep up the good work.

  2. I find this poem to be unique in a certain way. You told me a lot about yourself but not in a very deep sense. I wish you could write more about your thoughts How ever, I loved the poem and feel the same about death when it comes to family.

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