Bio-poem: Anna


Good humored, bashful, empathetic, strange

The lone daughter of Art and Linda Laske

Sister and youngest  of Joseph, 18, John, 20, and Nate, 16

Lover of board games, especially of Betrayal at the House on the Hill, pandas, and drawing short comics and sketches

Who feels thanks for living in Easton, hiking up mountains to sleep under the stars, and astronomy

Who needs companionship, music of all types from broadway to pop, and family

Who gives support, puns(even if they aren’t appreciated), and encouragement

Who fears elevators and most small spaces due to claustrophobia, oncoming trains along with trains in general, and deep, dark water

Who would like to see Hamilton, the discovery of life on other planets, and a cure for cancer

Who enjoys a cool breeze on a warm summer’s day, swimming in a lake, and summer storms

Who wears anything comfortable, sneakers, and jeans

Resident of Easton

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut


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