Bio-Poem: Ashley


Kind, loving, gentle, and friendly

Daughter of Giuliano and Mohani, sister of Jenna

Lover of her pets, Hazel and Raindrops, hot cocoa in the cold winter, and life

Who feels thankful for her school, town, and friends

Who finds happiness in playing her flute, drawing, and crafts

Who needs the comfort of her family, her imagination, and pets

Who gives happiness and kindness to others, a positive attitude for each day, and support to others

Who fears being away from her family, roller coasters, and death

Who would like to see her distant relatives, herself as a successful person in the future , and another continent

Who enjoys the snow in the wintertime, outings with her family, and sports

Who likes to wear tank tops in the summer, scarves in the fall, and sweaters in the winter

Born in Stamford, resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Ashley

  1. Wow impressive poem, very creative and inspiring. I think it really represents who you are, keep up the good work. Keep striving for excellence in your daily life and always believe in yourself no matter what other people tell you!

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