Bio Poem: Bianca


Clumsy, reliable, calm, overthinker

Daughter of Haesun and Greg, sister of Sophia and Andrew

Lover of all sweets, her supportive family, and furry animals

Who feels thankful for her friends, a roof over her head, and every moment I get to spend with the people I am close with

Who finds happiness in everyday, being with her twin, and a new book

Who needs to be happy, with her twin when going anywhere new, and food to eat

Who gives an offer for help if anyone needs it, sincere support to those who ask, and undivided attention

Who fears spiders, throw up, and tight spaces

Who would like to see the world become a better place, no more water being wasted, and peace among everyone

Who enjoys learning new things everyday, sleeping too much in the morning, and writing in her free time

Who likes to wear a simple pair of leggings, a t-shirt which matches with everything, and comfy shorts when relaxing

Born in Stamford, C.T., resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Bianca

  1. Bianca,
    I like your poem a lot!! I like how you said that you enjoy spending time with your twin! I love spending time with mine too:)! I thought that it was really nice how you said that you fear spiders, and tight spaces! I think it is very funny!! Although I do agree about vomit I hate it too! I learned a lot about you and I can’t wait to see you write some more!!


  2. Dear Bianca,

    I really enjoyed you’r poem and I thought you chose very dynamic and unique words. I really liked the line where you exclaimed that you”need happiness”. This phrase really stood out to me because most people would say they need objects rather than feelings and emotions as you did. I thought you did a great job on this poem while best-describing you!


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