Bio Poem: Claudia


Confident, Headstrong, Bubbly, Humble

Daughter of Silvia and Goran, sister of Erick and Chris

Lover of movies, strong friendships, and endless hours of writing stories

Who feels thankful for a roof over her head, love, and an endless smile on her face

Who finds happiness in loving herself, making others feel happy,

and seeing her brother, Chris, come home from college

Who needs care from her family, at least one spoonful of Nutella everyday,

and a whole 24 hours to herself

Who gives time to her closes friends, jokes to lift spirits, and trust to all secrets

Who fears failure, mistakes, and the thought of losing someone she loves forever

Who would like to see her dreams turn into realities, mistakes turn into success, and to impact people around her in a positive way

Who enjoys the company of others, the warmth of the sun,

and the smell of clean, crisp air

Who likes to wear ripped, blue jeans and pastel shirts to school, gray sweatpants, from Pink, with oversized black, graphic-tees when she’s at home, and colorful spandex mixed with white, sporty tops, from Athleta, to complete her look for rowing

Born in Bridgeport, C.T., resident of Easton


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