Bio Poem: Conor


Loving, kind, happy, smart

Son of Larry and Lisa, brother of Emma

Lover winter, keeping busy and reading

Thankful for his family, liberty and the roof over his head

Who feels the small moments in life are the best, winter is the best season and his dog Norman is the best

Who finds happiness in the small town Easton, traveling and chess

Who needs a good book, something to keep him busy and his favorite radio

Who gives kindness to those who seeks it, happiness and friendship

Who fears heights, The Red Sox and boats

Who would like to see himself get better at chess, the New York Yankees win more world series and he wants to see new parts of the world

Who enjoys playing various instruments and watching select sports (baseball, football and soccer) and the North East

Who likes to wear Sports teams jerseys, t-shirts from movies (star wars jurassic park and Captain America) and khaki shorts

Born in Manhattan, resident of Easton

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