Bio-Poem: Cooper


Humorous, caring, delirious, intelligent

Son of Todd and Ilene, brother of Carter and Micaela and our puppy Gatsby

Lover of family, problems and their solutions

Who feels thankful for what god gives him, His great bonds with his family and friends, and his personality

Who finds happiness in others happiness, his friends laughter, and his family’s success

Who gives respect to people who help him, gives a lot of his time to help others, and gives guidance

Who fears being alone in the middle of the ocean, losing family members, and what could happen at anytime

Who enjoys to help others, skiing down a powder-covered mountain in the Alps of Colorado, and to use his imagination

Who likes to wear his funky colored vineyard vines shirts with his khakis shorts, his bright white Adidas Etnies, and his sisters cozy, furry, and warm pajamas around the house

Born in Greenwich Connecticut, Resident of Easton CT Haas

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