Bio-Poem: Danny


Joyful, delimit, considerate, sympathetic

Son of Ned and Rachel, Brother of Layla and Samuel

Lover of fall, soccer, and music

Who feels thankful for his family, his house over his head, and the school that he goes to.

Who finds happiness in the siblings he has, the instrument he plays, and his friends

Who needs at least 5 meals a day, exercise, and joy to function correctly

Who gives help when needed, his attention to his older brother that he looks up to, and consideration

Who fears snakes, big spiders, and death

Who would like to see a fixed world, his success, and the arctic

Who enjoys playing old songs on his saxophone, dominating other soccer teams he competes against, and eating food

Who likes to wear sports clothes everyday, short sleeves, and long Adidas pants

Born in Milford, C.T., resident of Easton


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