Bio-Poem: Devin


Passionate, loving, determined, trusting

Daughter of James and Michelle, sister of Max

Lover of music, people, and the festive month of December

Who feels thankful for the dependable friends she has, her loving parents and brother, and her talent of playing the flute

Who finds happiness in baking cupcakes, reading a good book, and watching Harry Potter movies

Who needs something to keep her busy at all times, love and guidance from friends and family, and at least eight hours of sleep each night

Who gives second chances, laughter to her friends, and many hours a night at the dance studio

Who fears spiders, failure, and small spaces

Who would like to see the Northern Lights, Shawn Mendes in concert, and the Eiffel Tower at night

Who enjoys skiing down a mountain in Utah during a blizzard, shopping with her friends in Fairfield or Westport, and eating ice cream on hot summer nights

Who likes to wear black leggings, warm sweaters, and Adidas sneakers

Born in Danbury, resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Devin

  1. Dear Devin,

    I enjoyed reading your piece, and thank you for sharing it. I like it when you said you would like to see a Shawn Mendes concert. It is a good line because it really helped get to know what kind of music you liked. I would be helpful to know what kind of books you like.


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