Bio-Poem: Diego S


Energetic, Honest, Trustworthy, Hard Working

Son of Luis and Cristina, Brother of Daniel

Lover of his parents, school, and baseball

Who feels thankful for his family, friends, a home, and for everything that he has

Who finds happiness playing baseball, learning new things, and problem solving

Who needs his mom to help him with his homework, his parents to give him support, and his brother for joy, happiness and friendship

Who gives everything he has to school, being a better baseball player, and to teaching his brother new things

Who fears heights, The Pirate Ship Carnival ride, and doing the wrong things

Who would like to go see the Grand Canyon, a Yankees game, and Hollywood

Who enjoys being athletic to play all baseball positions, gaming, going to school, and experiencing new things

Who likes to wear graphic tee shirt, basketball shorts, and new Nike Air Max

Born in Bridgeport, CT, Resident of Bridgeport


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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Diego S

  1. Dear Diego,

    What about you said about yourself was very true, you described yourself honestly and well.

    One thing that you could’ve maybe done is check that you have named 3 examples for each topic, but overall, I think you did well.

    – Gabe Parrales

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