Bio poem Filip


Hyperactive, pro-gamer, helpful, mechanical

Son of Aga and Andre, brother of Amelia

Lover of machines, dirt bikes, and all video games

Who feels thankful for my beagle, Roxie, my award winning dog Tessa, and steak

Who finds happiness in the laughter of his friend’s jokes, in the playfulness of his dogs, and in the feeling of the ocean breeze

Who needs caramel lattes from McDonalds to wake up, at least 12 hours of sleep, and lots of cookie dough ice cream

Who gives time to help babysit for a friend’s neighbor’s 6 kids, my sister help with her homework, and time to help my dad around the yard

Who fears snake’s scales, black widow spiders and horror movies

Who would like to see Moscow, Ireland,

and Big Ben in London

Who enjoys massages, jet skiing, and vacation cruises to anywhere in the world except Antarctica

Who likes to wear Patriot football jerseys, my sticky gloves for football games, and fluffy socks

Born in Stamford, CT, resident of Easton, CT



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