Bio Poem: Gabe


Comical, Original, Witty, Versatile

Son of Parents, Brother of Isabel

Lover of himself, music, and “hypebeasts”

Who feels thankful for his caring family, the seasons that come and go, and all that he has

Who finds happiness in the smiles of others, listening to music, and mint chocolate chip ice cream

Who needs fresh air every once and awhile, music to listen to, and youtube to watch his favorite youtubers occasionally

Who gives laughter to those he loves, too much time on trying to get better at tetris, and not enough time helping around the house

Who fears nothing, not even his own death

Who like to see himself succeed, grow up in the best of ways,  and traveling the world

Who enjoys shopping, making others happy, and challenging others in tetris

Who likes to wear stylish clothing when going practically anywhere, grey capri sweatpants and a random t shirt he can find in his closet to go to sleep, and a bull skull necklace that he always wears under his shirt

Born in Bridgeport, CT, resident of Bridgeport


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