Bio-Poem: Gia

Unique, tough, blaring, humorous
Daughter of Phily and Michele, sister of Phily and Joey
Lover of the game of soccer, summers in Florida, and delicious food
Who feels thankful for her loving family, for her education, and the clothes on her back
Who finds happiness in listening to music, her 18 month old dog named Stella, and hanging out with her friends
Who needs to always be doing something, being around people, and having her room clean
Who gives advice when friends are in need, help around her household, and helps those that are in need
Who fears spiders, frogs, and the thought of losing the people she cares about most
Who would like to see a big change in the world, her having a successful career, and her having a family of her own one day
Who enjoys watching Netflix on a gloomy days, doing different fun activities outside, and trying new things
Who likes to wear comfy clothes around the house, somewhat nicer clothes out, and her favorite pair of uggs during the winter
Born in Newport Beach, CA, resident of Easton

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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Gia

  1. Dear Gia,

    This Bio-Poem was very interesting and unique. I really liked the part where you added that you liked to watch Netflix because I do as well!


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