Bio-Poem: Jackson C


Funny, energetic, loud, clever

Son of Kerry and Sarah, brother of Catherine

Lover of jokes, baseball, and his little sister

Who feels thankful after each member of his family wishes him goodbye before school, when he joins his friends in class, and when he hits a double in the gap.

Who finds happiness in the grin of his sister, the noise of the ball off the bat, and getting a good night’s rest.

Who needs a good book, a Yankees game, and the occasional americano.

Who gives his best to his teammates, his heart to his family, and mind to his education.

Who fears disappointing his parents, losing his sister, and small spaces.

Who would like to see the Indianapolis 500, the Grand Canyon, and a Ferrari to call his own.

Who enjoys to hang out with his friends, have a catch with his dad, and play soccer with his sister.

Who likes to wear worn sweatshirts, Vineyard Vines t-shirts,  underarmour shorts, and tan Sperry’s.

Born in Bridgeport, resident of Easton


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