Bio-Poem: Jalen


Bright, imaginative, humerous, and bookish

Son of Jennifer and Sydney, brother of Jemma and Julia

Lover of a good book, the theatre, and the blissful silence of a weekend afternoon

Who feels thankful for life, the internet, and the joyous memories of family gatherings

Who finds happiness spending time with friends, swimming in his pool, and thinking of his hopefully bright future

Who needs a steady stream of book to read before he gets bored, at least an hour of alone time each day, and lots and lots of snacks

Who give attention to his younger sisters (Julia, who is 10, and Jemma, who is 4), 100% effort to academic work, and time to friends and family

Who fears the unknown, the state our country is in, and being stranded in the ocean or the wild

Who would like to see world peace, a college degreee in his hand, and a family of his own

Who enjoys watching movies with slightly buttered popcorn, reading a good book and helping his grandparents and their dog, Jack, move into their new home

Who like to wear light shirts, shorts, and a sweatshirt to school, pajamas on the weekends, and his scruffy, almost broken navy blue Noheas everywhere!

Born in Wakesha, Wisconsin, resident of Easton


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