Bio-Poem: Jayden


Son of Jacqueline and Jeff, brother to Jeffrey, Teagan, and Katie

Lover of time, space, and existence

Who feels thankful when family returns safely, when distress is forgiven, and when opportunity is created

Who finds happiness in the sports he plays, the people he meets, and a cozy cabin in the woods

Who needs time to accomplish his goals, focus to succeed, and support from his loved ones

Who gives 110 percent in school, sports, and anything else he does

Who fears he is nothing without his family, snakes, and eternal darkness

Who would like to see one of his ideas change the world for the better, people work together to solve world problems, and see himself in the future, very successful with a family of his own

Who enjoys sending it whenever he can, soccer, and fishing

Who likes to wear cotton, long sleeve shirts, old, worn moccasins, and flannel pajama pants

Born in Bridgeport, C.T. Resident of Easton


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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Jayden

  1. I really liked how you had some humor in your bio-poem and how you want one of your ideas to change the world.It was also interesting how you give 110 percent to school that is really good because it always means you try your hardest in school.

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