Bio-Poem: John


Easygoing, energetic, adventurous, curious

Son of John and Cara, brother of Marco & of Mia

Lover of freedom, family, and the beaches of Rhode Island

Who feels thankful for his loving family, his great friends, and his mom’s cooking

Who finds happiness in good food, time away from school, and sleeping

Who needs the guidance of his friends & family, a reason, and A1 steak sauce with all home cooked meals

Who gives love and care to his two amazing and affectionate cats Ash & Atticus, advice to his friends(not always good advice), and not enough time to his homework

Who fears sharks, school, and math tests

Who would like to see his grandparents turn 100, flying cars, and a solution to all of the world problems

Who enjoys time with his pets, time on the Rhode island beaches, and having good alone time

Who likes to wear Nike, Adidas, and New Balance gym shorts, mid cut black Nike socks, and worn in simple cotton t-shirts

Born in Bridgeport, CT, resident of Easton CT


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