Bio-Poem John S


Kind, responsible, shy, obliged

Son of Robert and Rosa, brother of Matthew

Lover of basketball, Peru, and his 2 dogs

Who feels thankful to have what he has, to be loved, and to be able to get an education

Who finds happiness when he plays with his dogs, eats with his family, and to have a loving family

Who needs more time, his 2 dogs, and his room

Who gives tips to his brother, his mother a helping hand, and all of his effort at school

Who fears spiders, snakes, and death

Who would like to see himself do very well in school, what his life would turn out to be, and to be a better caring person

Who enjoys playing percussion (especially with his percussion class), playing xbox, and finding new things to fix at home

Who likes to wear comfy clothing, his slippers his uncle gave him, and who likes to wear athletic wear

Born in Easton, CT, resident of Easton


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