Bio-Poem: John W


Interesting ,Eccentric, Awkward, Shy

Son of Leszek and Irene, brother of Erik and Julianna

Lover of his dog 2 year old goldendoodle, Ollie, skiing, and sleep

Who feels thankful for the food he gets to eat, the bed he can sleep in, and the family he can love

Who finds happiness in snow days, the growl of his dog, and summer camping trips

Who needs a lot of sleep, to stop arguing with siblings, and candy to fuel his craziness

Who gives to many treats to Ollie, love to his family, and smiles to his friends

Who fears aggressive dogs, heights, and huge animals

Who would like to see his dog live a long life, himself do good in life, and his siblings live a nice life

Who enjoys getting 12 hours of sleep, sun showers, and playing with his dog

Who likes to wear comfortable shoes, short sleeves shirts, and joggers

Born in Stratford, C.T., resident of Easton


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