Bio-poem: Julianna


Awkward, Funny, Entertaining, Sincere

Daughter of Lester and Irene, sister of John and Erik

Lover of an almost 2 year old golden doodle, friends and family around the world, and the season of fall

Who feels thankful for the home cooked meals provided to her everyday, the opportunity to

speak polish because of her dad, and being able to socialize and learn at school

Who finds happiness in driving hours away for camping trips, being jumped on by Ollie every

time she gets home, and her friends and all their different personalities

Who needs long hours of undisturbed sleep,  time to spend with cousins, and healthy

relationships with good friends

Who fears being lonely, not being successful in life, and disappointing her parents

Who would like to see the world take a turn for the better, herself living a long life, and herself

One day meeting her friends from other parts of the world

Who enjoys various tv shows like family guy, jumping on a trampoline with brothers, and


taking hundreds of videos of Ollie


Who likes to wear comfortable sneakers, sweatshirts, and fancy clothing occasionally

Born in Stratford, CT, resident of Easton


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