Bio-Poem: Kendall

Laughable, intelligent, Athletic, Cautious
Son of Elizabeth and Glen, brother of Morgan and Madison
Lover of, playing baseball, playing video games, and tennis with friends
Who is thankful for having a great life, his supportive family and trustworthy friends
Who finds happiness when watching youtube videos with friends, winning a baseball game, and watching a winning Houston Texans football game
Who needs to be on a Nantucket beach during the summer, Hot Houston Fall to watch the Texans play, and the snowboarding slopes of Vermont in the winter
Who gives his all to his teams he plays on, his patience and understanding when he coaches Challenger and his love to his 12 year old dog Charley who he got for his first birthday
Who fears wolves that may be lurking in the backyard, not understanding what he is suppose to do for work in school, and snakes of all kinds
Who would like to see the Houston Texans win the superbowl, working at a job he loves, and having time to ski and swim
Who enjoys playing baseball, going to watch the houston texans play or the Houston Astros play with his family, and snowboarding in the winter
Who likes to wear vineyard vines shirts, nantucket red shorts and a comfy sweatshirt.
Born in St.louis Missouri, resident of Easton CT

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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Kendall

  1. I really like your bio poem I like when you say you like to play video games because I like too play video games too. keep up the good work.


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