Bio-Poem: Marib


Kind, Fun, Abnormal, Dependable

Son of Saiqa and Ehsan, Brother to Maha and Mahad

He who is Grateful for the food on the table and  the clothes on his back,

For a happy Family of 6(Don’t Forget The cat), and the great community

He who finds happiness in others happiness, happiness in friends and    family, happiness in his cat named muezza.

He who need his friends and family, his beloved and most handsome cat, And his Hobbies

He who gives help to those in need, He gives kindness when in the dumps, He gives care to his most beloved cat

He who fears the worst possibilities, the darkness of this world and the tiny guys who make the world go around

He would like to see his goals achieved, The problems of the world to vanish, And he who hopes for  a nice and easy life

He who enjoys the company of other, the loneliness of the mind, and time to do what he wants

He who likes to wear nice and comfy clothes even though they may look weird, A necklace for good look, and the emotions he feels on his face

Born in San Francisco,California, Resident of Easton


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