Bio-Poem: Marissa

Determined, opinionated, thoughtful, and strong-willed
Daughter of Margie and George, sister of James, Melanie, and Griffin
Who feels thankful for all the opportunities she has in life, all the people that love and support her, and for the life she was given
Who finds happiness in reading anywhere, traveling to new places, and being surrounded by all of her friends and family
Who needs breakfast everyday to get her awake, the comfort and joy of her family, and Skittles to get through the day
Who gives back to the community in any way she can because she loves to help out where she is needed, 100% effort in everything she does, and a positive attitude toward the things she is trying to accomplish
Who fears elevators, heights, and not enough books to read
Who would like to see world hunger end, her siblings and family grow up happy and healthy, and the day where pigs fly
Who enjoys spending time reading by the ocean wither her dad, competing in running and swimming races with her friends, family, and even people she doesn’t know, and baking and cooking for friends and family
Who likes to wear her fitbit daily so she can have a goal of steps for the day, Dolphin Uglies swimsuits when she is practicing with her swim team, and comfy sweatshirts on snow days and winter days of just laying around the house
Born in Stamford Hospital on August 25, 2004, current resident of Easton, CT in the United States of America
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